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, No Trivia @ SPIN: Friday Five, Thanksgiving Edition


A few days early because of the holiday, and eight songs instead of five! Action Bronson, Alicia Keys, Fat Tony, French Montana, Joey Bada$$, Lil B’s cat Keke, OXYxMORON, and Roc Marciano. 

Fat Tony ft. Old Money - “BKNY”

I am thankful for New Underground nerd rap. Houston’s Fat Tony thanks the people throughout Brooklyn for housing him, giving him weed, and hey, sleeping with him, too. It’s like a hyper-regional version of magnanimous morning-after city shout-out songs like Slum Village’s “Selfish” or Ludacris’ “Area Codes”: “I ain’t from there but I come there, and I fuck a girl in Crown Heights / I ain’t there but I come there, ain’t afraid to walk at night.” Tom Cruz’s waddling VHS hiss beat drifts along with an ambling, on-vacation sense of purposelessness, which totally works, while whispering guest rapper Old Money plays cross-street-and-subway-stop madlibs. What you also hear in this song is a sense of the New Underground get-in-the-van qualities revolving around favors from friends who’ll let you sleep on their floor, and allow you to chow down on the food in their fridge, when you come through town for a show, or recording session: “Hey Abby in Williamsburg, I know me and my friends get up on your nerves / But thanks for letting us stay / I appreciate it until this day.” 

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