very regal meeting of the minds right here y’all. tom cruz on the beat & a verse, fat tony on the hook & a verse, cancun shawty chingo bling gettin crunk, and kool a.d. gettin funky.

"concubine" from tom cruz’s album top gun thats out right now for free ya bish.

jump on it: or pass it on.

She tell me that she need me and she really want it (she want it!)
She waiting on the day that she can get up on it (she on it!)
She ain’t Southwest but she a GetAway (yeah!)
I gotta say I want that girl to stay (for life!)

She tell me that she need me and she really want it (she want it!)
She waiting on the day that she can get up on it (she on it!)
She sweet like candy, a PayDay
And in my home, she’s a mainstay

When I’m out with Chingo Blingo
Girls be acting single
They ask about my single
They asking if I’m single
She whispered to me, “if you got a minute may we mingle?”
"I promise I can get it poppin like a can of Pringles"
You can often see me in Austin tossing back about cinco
Cervezas with lots of gringos till I gotta go tinkle
I’m with my people and we watching Batman, the sequel
The one with Danny DeVito, getting high as a steeple
Or high as a eagle, feeling low like a beetle
But I feel so throwed when Nicole come through
With a new do and something see-through
I peeped you, you peeped me
I think I’m bout to take a dive in the deep sea

Tom Cruz’s debut solo album Top Gun out today! Featuring me, Chingo Bling, Kool A.D., Blunt Fang, and 10ille! Full of jams to keep y’all entertained until my new album Smart Ass Black Boy is out June 11th! Includes epic ballads like “Spanish Girl” and “Aye Jason” plus bangers like “Concubine” and “Top Gun”. 


Get it now!

A lense fixates on the tiny lavender umbrella caressing the edge of golden skinned broken hearted young woman’s mojito glass, we cut to her relaxed extended body and smirk concealing a frenzied distraught mind that is wandering from new york to houston to LA to whereever he is. 

Tom Cruz, producer/visionary/rhymehighpriest, who brought you FAT TONY (HOU), SUPREEME SUPREEME (ATL), & who showed me how to remix well before I met the plug, enters the race for the GRAMMY’S OF LIFE dude with TOP GUN. The backing score shows Timbaland what he should try to do in 2013 as opposed to picking up right where My Love/whatgoesaround left off. It is lush dense color wheel of tropical mango/green coconut fantasy decadence at moments then block chilling cerulean at others to a degree that would make the Alchemist flinch at his own shadow. The craft here has been cultivated to an over ripened curdle. 

Cruz has been playing fantasy football with A&Ring records since he was youth in his Diddy phase. As evidenced by his graceful usage of guest verses/vocals from frequent/longtime collaborators and new true cameos from 10ille, Chingo Bling, Kool A.D, Bluntfang, & Fat Tony. 

TC’s lyrics strike at the heart and mind with honesty, clarity, reinvention of cliche, wit, & candor. One can play these songs over and over at extreme volumes to reveal elaborate sonic depth and intricacy buried beneath a Real Nigga Pop JIGGAMAN/FACEMOB/SANCHEZ/VYBZKARTELTRICKSTER aesthetic.

All songs produced, instruments played, and drums programmed by Tom Cruz

A&R: Jason Scott Henderson
Photo by Shirley Yu
Styled by Jon Daryn & Sheila Apolinario
Art Direction & Design by Effie Liu @ Pinkbutter Creative
Recorded by Daniel Lynas @ Ishlab Studio (Brooklyn, NY) & Paul Katzman @ Katzman Sound (Atlanta, GA)
Mixed by Tom Cruz & Paul Katzman
Mastered by Paul Parker

All stunts performed by @tcruzcontrol & @fattonyrap

peep a new noisey mini-doc on screwston texas. got interviews with several legends + up & coming rap stars. watch me walk ‘em round 3rd ward and king’s flea market (this is the way we baaawwwwll).


1st weekend back in Houston & it’s going the fuck down.

Thursday, August 4th there’s a special edition of @SquincyJones & @_Dayta_'s Raise It Up! party at Boondocks (1417 Westheimer). They got mi negrito @ChingoBling the Tamale Kingpin doing a special guest DJ set as well as my nigga @ipodammo + your nigga (me, duh) partying and rapping a few songs. Better play some cumbia up in that bitch, 4real.

More info:

Squincy Jone’s WWW:

Friday, August 5th
I’m playing a huge ALL AGES concert at Warehouse Live (813 St. Emmanuel) with some of Houston’s best rappers. You’ll find me opening up for Devin the Dude (who is actually one of the top 20 greatest rappers of all-time #fact), Z-Ro, Slim Thug, and Afroman (Mr. “Because I Got High”). The homie @Uzoy is on the bill too so we gon’ do some special super secret Nigerian dances and shit from the fatherland. Ya smell me?

Tickets are still on sale right now:

More info:

@DasRacist + @ChingoBling + @FatTonyRap = Real Nigga Shit Right Here Nigga

@DasRacist + @ChingoBling + @FatTonyRap = Real Nigga Shit Right Here Nigga



Chingo Bling + Fat Tony at House of Blues in Houston, TX on April 8. Por favor believe it.
Get tickets @



Chingo Bling + Fat Tony at House of Blues in Houston, TX on April 8.
Por favor believe it.

Get tickets @

"Pinche Rudolph, Bullwinkle…" One of my favorite Christmas songs of all-time. @ChingoBling aka Chingo Clause is one of the funniest niggas in rap music today.

One of the most entertaining dudes to ever rep Houston, Texas…. Chingo Bling. He stays crackin me up. Just found out he’s got a whole youtube channel of hilarious shit at Chingo Bling TV. Hope I can get on a track with him one day. It’d be a dream come true.  Support this!