Finally found The Show online again. Russell Simmons talm bout he only visiting Slick Rick in jail "because of the movie". “I’m not fuckin’ with Ricky. I already know what he gon’ talk about. Nigga called me 4 times, I missed each call.” “He’s crazy as a bag of angel dust.” Wu-Tang arguing with each other on tour & in Japan, Biggie live, Snoop Doggy & the Dogg Pound, Warren G at Burger King, and more.

"The only drama I want is Naomi Campbell."

peep a new noisey mini-doc on screwston texas. got interviews with several legends + up & coming rap stars. watch me walk ‘em round 3rd ward and king’s flea market (this is the way we baaawwwwll).


Had a in depth convo with my bro @fattonyrap last night at The Flat about this. “AFRICANS UNITE”

Birth of a Nation 4*29*1992. Thanks @noz for putting me on to this via Award winning low budget documentary all about the L.A. riots sparked by the Rodney King verdict and years on years on years on years on years of fucked up living conditions and trauma. Features tons of live footage.

I couldn’t even imagine what this would be like in America today. Will this happen again in my children’s lifetime? My children’s children’s lifetime? I don’t know.

Chicago “Hip House” documentary from back in the hey day (1989). I love how rap music is so diverse all in this one country based on your region/city. Diverse yet divided since niggas clown on anything unfamiliar to their hometown sound. Some of this classic house shit is pretty nice. Wonder what these dudes are doing these days.


This Is The Life Documentary (2008)

Ava DuVerney’s fantastic documentary about LA’s Good Life Cafe open mic is now available for viewing on Hulu. Must see shit for fans of Freestyle Fellowship, Volume 10, Busdriver, The Nonce, CVE, Jurassic 5, Skee-Lo, fast rap, jazz rap, nerd rap, gangsta rap and LA rap.

Been wanting to see this for a couple years now. Thank you, internet.