live at Glasslands // last night of tour with Cadence Weapon & DJ Tim “Co-Op” Hoover

Bad Brains. Another full concert. This time it’s ‘87 instead of ‘82. Daytona Beach, Florida instead of New York, New York. Keep your PMA. 


Legendary PRINCE concert at the Ritz in New York during his Dirty Mind tour 1981. Watch it now. It’s only been up a week and will certainly disappear sooner than you think. I was always a Prince fan growing up. I think “When Doves Cry” was one of the first music videos I ever saw. I remember sitting on the floor in our den loving all the trippy colors in the video and how wacky his band looked. I also remember being pretty confused as to why this nigga was in a bath tub chillin’ in an empty ass room most of the video with doves flying everywhere. I first got this Dirty Mind album from my favorite teacher of all-time Mr. Garner in high school. Blew me away. Super minimal, funny lyrics about sex and partying, mixed gender / mixed race band, kinda punk but still R&B and funky too. And all played by one dude on the entire album. Totally rock ‘n’ roll. Definitely influenced me and gave me the confidence to get even wilder in my own music, especially when performing. Thank you, Prince.

Bad Brains live at CBGB’s in 1982. I bought Bad Brains’ 1st album (“ROIR tape”) and the Ramones’ 2nd album “Leave Home” on the same day when I was 14 or 15. One of the best days I ever had in my younger years. Wish I was alive and in New York to see all my favorite bands in the early to mid 80’s.


 Fat Tony

"Buy My Shit" live in Atlanta (and a lil’ bit of "Luv It Mayne" too) from a couple days ago (Sept 26, 2011) at 529. Thanks Laura for the video!

Fat Tony - Live at Strange Matter - Sept. 15, 2011 - Richmond, Virginia
by Silver Persinger 

Lil’ intimate performance clip from the Canned Acoustic #3 concert back on May 26, 2011 which benefited Houston based organization Help Japan. Peep me rhyming with my DJ iPod Ammo besides me and Two Star Symphony doing their take on "Nigga U Ain’t Fat" from RABDARGAB. VH1 Storytellers swag hahaha.

@MURS stops through Houston on his Road to Paid Dues tour the day after my birthday back in March 2011. I popped up to pay one of my favorite artists of all-time a little visit. “Luv It Mayne” (ft. Murs & Bo. P) is from the album RABDARGAB. Produced by Tom Cruz. #luvitmayne

Thanks @TPiperMedia for this live ass footage from the Free Press Summerfest 2011 afterparty at Fitzgerald’s w/ special guest Big Boi. In this video we do Nigga U Ain’t Fat // Like, Hell Yeah // Rap Babies // Luv It Mayne.

Watch me and my friends Smash Bro, A.D.D., Lisa E., and iPod Ammo get super loud while stoned silly from heat exhaustion and having too much fun all day. I must admit I was feeling quite super #BASED that day and have been feeling it ever since. Nothing but posicore vibes flowing hard and long all day and night. Went straight from performing in the 100 degree humid heat of the festival to the pool then speeded off to Fitz to rap some more.

Life is really good sometimes when you let it be.

Have fun with yours before it’s too late.

Michael Jackson live at the 1993 Super Bowl. Incredible.

Live from the Guns in the Sun SXSW 2011 showcase at Headhunter’s.  I got a lot of CRAP Eyewear stuff at that show and I am forever grateful. I’m wearing some in this video clip too. Thanks Houston Press for filming it.

That’s the world’s greatest DJ iPod Ammo on the backup vocals next to me. Notice the (intentional) delay on vocals and (unintentional) feedback. Pretty trippy, huh? I was tripped all the way out.

R.I.P. Kurt Cobain. Played a short iPod DJ tribute set to the man last night at The Mink as well as a bunch of other shit like Bad Brains and Vybz Kartel.

I went to see Cerebral Ballzy at Santo’s last year during CMJ. The DJ played “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and hundreds of kids went nuts. It was surreal. On a side note, "Moist Vagina" is my favorite Nirvana song today. I broke my fucking beloved Macbook last night and am full of angst. Gonna have to buy a whole new one. Almost all my money made from this short ”Road 2 SXSW” Texas tour will go towards it. And people still owe me money. As E-40 would say, it’s all bad. I’m also very introspective about turning 23 years old last week. Is it all downhill from here? I don’t think so. But I know now I got to do a lot more than I ever wanted to do ever. But it’s cool. At least I’m alive.

Better quality (but shorter) video here: