sonic & knuckles. my very first. you’ll always have a special place in my heart.

still remember my dad hooking up the genesis to the tv for me when he got home from work.


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Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique.

Their best album. If you like it too, get the 33 1/3 series book about Paul’s Boutique. Hilarious tales of these young rich kids blowing money fast in L.A., pulling pranks, smoking tons of weed, doing shrooms, drinking wine, driving fast cars, scaring their new record label, producing music, and rapping. If only the record industry was still going strong and guys like me could do the same shit today on some old man’s dime.

I remember getting my teeth worked on and hurting like a motherfucker in 5th grade when I first saw this documentary on MTV. I was struggling to eat a happy meal and in awe of this band.

"I remember sitting at the MTV awards while Adam made this speech and feeling so fucking proud of him. I also recall it being totally humid outside and realizing I had my period on the way there in the car, but that’s another story. This clip is total punk rock/performance art to me. I mean, getting up at a totally superficial fake hugs bullshit event like this and being vulnerable and talking about something REAL is no fucking joke. We left 5 minutes after this because it was so far beyond the ‘who farted?’ feeling, it felt like people were gonna kill us.

Hard to believe it was over ten years ago. He is even cuter now if you can believe it.”

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I know we see and all love the Beastie Boys wildin’ out (especially in their youth) but even in fun environments some people live to fuck it up. And there is always an appropriate time to call them out. Violence, rape, assault, and harassment of women at shows, clubs, festivals, bars, venues, and anywhere in general should never be tolerated. 


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BlackTyeChi 6 months ago
MTV is a bunch of Snitches!

Damn, what is he sippin on? lol.