ATL shawty. Throwed Prince sample (“The Beautiful Ones”). @tcruzcontrol put me on to this last summer.

@tcruzcontrol put me on to this too the other night. I swear we literally listened to this song about 20 times that night and immediately when we woke up too. He was diggin’ deep in the Youtubes for them ATL classics he grew up gettin’ wind upon on.

Perfect beat and chorus and verses. Perfect everything. Featuring Raheem the Dream too.

If anybody has a high quality MP3 of this song please, please, please send it: fattonyrap AT

@tcruzcontrol put me on to this the other night. One of the best Prince samples in a rap song ever. Maybe the best. What are others? I can’t think of any right, right now.

"I like my Toni Braxtons, UGH! And my Halle Berrys"